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CJD Trucks Kenworth DAF Perth, formally known as Kenworth DAF WA, is a division of CJD Equipment Pty Ltd, based in Guildford WA. Both Kenworth and DAF are products of PACCAR USA, with Kenworth built in Australia and DAF built in Holland. CJD Equipment's involvement with PACCAR Australia began in 1984 when CJD was appointed the West Australian distributor for the highly successful Kenworth trucks range. In 2000 Paccar Australia selected CJD Equipment to market their entire range of trucks in the West Australian market and that process has seen a gradual and systematic introduction of DAF into this state. Exceptional success and ... Read More

2012 Freightliner Coronado CJD Trucks Kenworth DAF Perth - Trucks for Sale


2012 Freightliner Coronado Prime Mover

Eaton 18spd Transmission, Airliner Rear Suspension, Meritor 46-106 Rear Axles, Ecowind Aux Aircon, Groenveld Auto Greaser, Toolbox, Walkplate

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